Chef Paola catered to our taste and budget. Taking all the stress out of picking a restaurant to take 14 family member out to dinner, we opted for an intimate private chef experience in our home.
The food was amazing, we were able to catch up and talk (without review menus and shooting over orher people) and I didn't have a crazy alcohol tab at the end of the night.
It's beautiful when you can have an award winning chef standing next to your dining room table explaining her "mamma recipes" after you guests take the first bite and say: "Wow, what's in this and how can I make this at the home?" Knowning you and they only be able to recreate this experience with Chef Paola.
Thank you Chef.


Chef Paola did a wonderful job for our private anniversary dinner. She made an amazing meal and the presentation was beautiful. Best authentic Italian meal! She brought everything she needed and she cleaned everything up when she was done, leaving our home the way it was before she was there. I would HIGHLY recommend Chef Paola and most definitely would use her services again! Thank you Chef!


Chef Paola's 5 course dinner gets 5 stars from me!! She made us the most delicious Italian dishes. Her homemade pasta is flawless and the seafood was cooked to perfection. Her presentation and professionalism were also on point. It is always an incredible experience with Chef Paola!


Chef Paola is one of a kind. Her food is amazing and you can truly taste the passion behind it. From preparation to presentation I was blown away.