Soup & Sandwiches

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Soups & Sandwiches


Mixed Vegetable Soup (choice of pasta or rice)

Zuppa di Zucca

Butternut Squash Soup

Zuppa di Carote e Piselli

Carrot and Peas Soup

Zuppa di Lenticchie

Lentil Soup (choice of pasta or no pasta)

Zuppa di Mais e Patate

Corn and Potato Soup

Pastina con Pollo

Small Pasta with Chicken Soup

Riso con Piselli

Rice and Peas Soup

Panino con affettati freschi

Sandwich with cold cuts (choice of): Salame, prosciutto, turkey or ham. All sandwiches have sliced cheese.

Panino caprese

Vegetarian sandwich mozzarella cheese and tomatoes

Panino pollo mostardino

Sandwich with delicious chicken salad and homemade honey mustard sauce

On-site catering orlando fl

butternut squash cream soup