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3 Sauces Per Month!

2 Bolognese and 1 sauce of Chef Paola's choice for $50 per month plus tax.

Never run out of sauce

Our Bolognese is famous for a reason. Chef Paola uses a recipe that's been in her family for three generations, and now we want to share it with you! Join our family of satisfied customers when you sign up for our subscription program. Signing up for our Sauce Society Club guarantees a new and delicious sauce at your door every month. Each sauce is prepared with love using traditional Italian techniques for ultimate flavor. Ditch the canned sauces and sink your teeth into something fresh and authentic.

Enhance every meal with homemade Bolognese sauce made from fresh ingredients. Contact us now to learn more about the Sauce Society Club and its perks.

Sauce Society

Chef Paola Santagati

"Any pasta lover will tell you that the best tomato sauce is homemade - but what if it were homemade by your Italian godmother and all you had to do was pick it up? That's Chef Paola Santagati, a local caterer (italiiacuisineco.com) whose sauce of the month club is Winter Garden's best kept secret. Her marinara is so addicting, I keep two jars on hand at all times. Technically, it's not a restaurant, but what's better than Chef Paola bringing the authentic Italian experience to your kitchen?"

- Robert Pregitzer