Romantic Dinner For Two

Something special is cooking in your kitchen

Whether you're dizzyingly in love or making an ordinary night extraordinary, you can call Chef Paola for an exquisite romantic dinner for two - prepared in the privacy of your own home! When you work with Personal Chef Paola, she will bring all the necessary ingredients to prepare a 5 course, authentic Italian meal to your taste, plated and served as beautiful as the love she puts into her food. She will even make sure to clean up after herself, leaving you with the responsibility to enjoy a perfectly prepared meal with your significant other! Her menus include 5 Courses of authentic Italian dishes with options of meats or fish:

  • Chicken or Pork option for $350 plus tax
  • Beef or Fish option for $400.00 plus tax

For a romantic dinner for two that's bursting with zest and flavor, contact Chef Paola at 407-375-5338 today. Her romantic dinner service is her favorite, because she knows that food brings people closer together. She'll cater to your taste and personality! Book her now and surprise your significant other with a night in.