Meals for the Mammy

Meals for the Mammy

Needing the perfect gift for a future mother to be?

Great gift certificate ideas for family & friends for the future mammy.

  • Chef Paola will go and prepare all the cooking in their own kitchen (includes clean up) and have food ready for them at their home.
  • When would she like the food? Some families like to have it ready for them when they get home from the hospital while others prefer the chef to come a few days later, whatever works for the mammy!
  • A stress release gift for the mammy.


The 12 Meal Package $300:

For the 12 meals package, please select: 2 pasta options or 2 soup options & 1 entree/side of your choice from the selected options.

Chef Paola will add a free dessert of her choice to your package.
Meals will be prepared in your own kitchen. Chef Paola Will bring everything needed for the cooking, will do the prepping, cook and store your meal in your refrigerator & even clean up afterward.
You kitchen will be spotless and will smell of delicious homemade meals!

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