Boxed lunch catering orlando fl

Reach out to Italia Cuisine Co. for a beautiful Grazie-ing Table for your next work event or home party. A Grazie-ing Table is the perfect solution to a table side antipasti bite or dessert board for any function.

A Grazie-ing Table is a table or board full of small, bite-size fresh foods that can be considered as antipastos that are shareable among a party of people. These tables do not provide plating or serving utensils. By utilizing a Grazie-ing Table, food becomes more inviting as each table allows a group of people, no matter the size, to socialize or "graze" while enjoying hand-held foods together.

We pride ourselves on our cheese & charcuterie selection, spanning terroirs, flavors, and textures. Our Grazie-ing Tables typically consist of a variety of fresh meats and cheeses, crackers and breads, dips and spreads, and fruits and vegetables. These items are delivered fresh from local sources, which allows us to prepare the table display and setup for your event or gathering. Preparation can take up to two hours prior to completion. We also serve sweets such as chocolates, mini parties and tarts that are included in Dessert Grazie-ing Tables. It would be our pleasure to work with you to curate your perfect spread.
Italia Cuisine Co. will provide you with an unforgettable experience by delivering and staging an authentic antipasti selection. We recommend that you supply a table of your choice depending on the size of your party (we suggest a six foot table for each event), a table cloth, napkins and beverages. Plates are not necessary unless they are preferred.

We offer multiple selections with sizing and prices to accommodate your needs. Choose from either selection:

Savory: with charcuterie, assorted cheeses, specialty breads, jams, homemade dips, hummus, fresh fruits and vegetables, chips and crackers, mixed nuts and more.

  • Piccolo- $300 perfect for 10 to 12 person graze or as an appetizer for 20+ people
  • Medio- $450 perfect for 20 to 24 person graze or as an appetizer for 30+ people
  • Grande- $600 perfect for 30 to 34 person graze or as an appetizer for 40+ people


Sweet: with homemade cookies, chocolate-covered fruits, mini cupcakes, assorted dessert bites and more.




  • Assorted bite size desserts $300.00 for 75-100 pieces


Expect to be speechless at the hand of Chef Paola!

If you're interested in getting a table for your next event and would like to make an inquiry, please reach out to us today! Boards for smaller parties are also available and can be provided at an additional cost.





A $50 service fee will be added to your service for each grazing table.

Boxed lunch catering orlando fl
Boxed lunch catering orlando fl
Boxed lunch catering orlando fl
Boxed lunch catering orlando fl
Boxed lunch catering orlando fl