Did you know? In Italian, "bis" means twice and "cotti" means cooked? "Biscotti" means twice cooked, because these delectable cookies are baked twice to ensure crispness. Perfetto for dipping in your cappucino!



Medium Tray (40+ pieces) $35 | Large Tray (60+ pieces) $60
Our famous Italian almond biscotti can be shipped all over the U.S.A. (shipping fee extra).

Party Tray

Assortment of 6 kinds of homemade cookie (choose from wedding cookies, anisette cookies, Excelsior cookies, biscotti, friabus cookies, snow ball cookies). $125


Stuffed shells with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips.
Small (minimum order 24) $2.50 each | Large (minimum order 24) $3.00 each.


Lady finger biscuits, espresso, marscapone cheese, eggs.
Tray serves 12-16 people: $60 | Individual portions (minimum order 20): $4.00 each

Budino de Pane con Salsa al caramello

Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce (12-16 servings): $60.

Fritelle Ripiene alla Crema o Nutella

Soft doughnuts filled with cream or Nutella (10-12 servings): $50.

Torta al Pistachio e Dulce de Leche (9-inch cake)

Pistachio Cake with Caramel Sauce: $35. | with Caramel filling: $50.

Torta alle Fragole (9-inch cake)

Strawberry Cake: $35. | with Strawberry Yogurt filling: $50.

Torta al Limone (9-inch cake)

Lemon cake: $35 | with lemon filling: $50.

Dolce Salame Turco

Homemade Chocolate Salami (yes, it's a dessert!) (10-12 servings): $50.

Mini Tartufi

Mini Truffles (minimum 20 pieces): $2.50 each.

Crostata alla Frutta con creamcheese

Cream-cheese fruits tart (9-inch tart): $50.

Torta di Ricotta

"Cannoli" cake with ricotta filling and cannoli topper (9-inch cake): $50.

Torta al Limone e Marscapone

Lemon cake with marscapone cream filling (9-inch cake): $75.

Cupcakes Assortite

Assorted Cupcakes (pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, lemon) (minimum 24 pieces): Mini $2.50 or Large $3.00.

Stiletto cupcakes

Elegant Lady Shoe Cupcakes (minimum 4 pair of "shoes"=8 cupcakes): $60.

Limoncello Cheesecake

A 9-inch Cheesecake with Limoncello liquor. One of our most popular desserts! $75

Tiramisu Cake


Birthday cakes are also available.

Contact us for pricing.

Torta di ricotta



Bread Pudding