Cooking Classes

Hands-on cooking classes.

Practice makes perfect, so roll up those sleeves! Learn new skills as you work alongside chef Paola to create amazing Italian dishes.

Family cooking classes.

  • What better way to bond as a family than learning new cooking skills together?
  • Make memories as you discover new dishes that will become family staples in a family class.

Kids, juniors & teens cooking classes.

Calling all future chefs! Kids (8-10 years), juniors (11-12 years), and teens (13-17 years) will love cooking up their own creations in our classes.


$350 for 3/4 hours class.

Minimum 2 persons.

Kids price

$350 minimum 2 kids up to 4 kids.

An adult supervision is required.

Chef will bring all the groceries needed. Everyone needs to use their own gloves/hair nets/caps.

Menu is decided & selected together with customers and caters to special needs if necessary.

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